Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big trend that many industries will start to follow and implement soon. eKoPro Solutions is focused on developing IoT technology for businesses and consumers in an effort to provide them with a smart system solution.

Internet of Things is the interconnection between different devices using the internet as a communication medium to send and receive data. Various environmental parameters can be digitize by utilizing sensors and image recognition technology, which then can be used in an automatic environment monitor and control system to maintain an optimal environment with minimal effort.

Using IoT technology can help implement automation into a system where it would have been managed by people in the past. The move towards automation can help reduce manual labor cost, minimize human error, increase productivity, and improve energy consumption efficiency. Moreover, data collected in the IoT system can be used for data analysis to help further enhance the automation process which can lead to higher productivity and the overall betterment of an industry.

Advantage of IoT

Manual Management

  • Manual Observation
  • Single Point Measurement by Hand
  • Shift Work
  • Base on Experience
  • Manual Control
  • Not Available
  • Time and Labor Consuming


  • Digitize Parameters and Real Time Image
  • 24 hour Real-Time Monitoring
  • Automatic Alert 24/7
  • Base on Scientific Data
  • Automatic Control
  • Via Internt
  • Efficient and Accurate

Applied Field


Smart Aquarium

It has been proven that watching and listening to aquariums is a great way to relief stress. However, the enormous effort required to maintain a beautiful reef tank at home keeps many away from the hobby. Luckily, eKoral’s Smart Aquarium Controller, utilizing IoT technology, significantly reduced the effort that is required to maintain a reef tank, allowing users to fully indulge in the beauty of his or her aquarium.

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Smart Horticulture

Horticulture has always been a combination of science and art of growing plants. With the smart horticulture constantly evolving with today’s technology, growers can now achieve higher yields by controlling various environmental parameters and giving plants exactly what they need at the exact time they need it.

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Smart Aquaculture

Global food supply obtained from aquaculture is on the rise as world population continues to increase. However, it can be difficult to manage an aquaculture efficiently as it can span over a few acres. eKoPro Solutions' Smart Aquaculture system utilizes IoT technology and offers users 24/7 real time water parameters monitoring and device automation to help significantly reduce the chance of human error and increase yields.

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