eKoEN Lightweight EMS

eKoEN mini power sensor collects current, voltage, power factor and temperature of cable by non-intrusive installation in the switchboard. The system is modular design and easy to deploy, so it can meet all budgets and decrease deployment cost, suitable for small-medium enterprises. Integrated with environmental sensors, like air sensors, water sensors and wifi relays, eKoEN helps users not to improve energy management, but also maintain the most comfortable living/working space.

Non-intrusive Measurement

eKoEN mini power sensors are small and measures power data (current, voltage, PF & temperature) by non-intrusive way, so they can be installed on live wires in switchboard directly.

Decision Support

eKoEN software visualizes power consumptions, and provides suggestions of power usage depending on analysis, to enhance management of electric devices and increase power usage effectivity.

Abnormality Alert

Predictive Maintenance

Energy Saving

Remote Control

Simple Installation

Power Analysis


Aquaculture & Hydroponic


Commercial Store


Graphic Control

users can operate equipment or set usage scenarios on the graphics that integrate space, devices, and sensors

Cross-Device Analytics

compares records of different spaces, devices, and sensors to assist time series analysis

Historical Power Consumption

displays power usage according to the selected interval on the graph

Real-time Data & Remote Control

keeps users updated on important on site info, and instantly manages equipment power on/off

eK Hub
  • Main Controller built in edge calculation
  • Controls eK series modules and relays
  • Communication: WiFi

eK Hub

eK Power Module
  • Collects and calculates the data from power sensors
  • Communication: RS485 to WiFi

eK Power Module

eK Mini Power Sensor
  • Measurement & Sensing: current, power factor, cable temperature, CF
  • Sensing method: circuit contact sensing
  • Installation method: non-intrusive

eK Mini Power Sensor

WiFi Relay (one channel)
  • Input: AC 85~260V 50/60 Hz
  • Max. load: 30A

WiFi Relay (one channel)

WiFi Relay (4 channels)
  • Built in 4 wifi relays

WiFi Relay (4 channels)